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We all know that Etisalat is one of the Fastest internet service providers. Though their data plan are being considered the most expen...

Etisalat Data Plan Subscription Codes and Prices 2018

Etisalat Data Plan

We all know that Etisalat is one of the Fastest internet service providers. Though their data plan are being considered the most expensive in Nigeria unlike the Glo and Airtel data plan which are cheaper.
The Etisalat data bundles are what we are discussing today and in this post, I bring to you all the plans, their prices and their subscription codes.
The Etisalat data plans are are categorized into three;

  1. Smartphone plan
  2. Smartpark bundles
  3. Internet bundles
Please note that once you subscribe for any of the above Etisalat Nigeria data plans, it auto renews once the expiry date is reached. But what if you haven't exhausted your data? Don't worry because your remaining balance will be rolled over to your new plan.
It is only possible for 9mobile to auto renew your subscription if you have enough credit balance to do so. But just in-case you don't want it to auto renew, simply dial *229*0#.
One of the major advantages of Etisalat bundle plans is that your unused data gets rolled over to another month and the major disadvantage of it is the cost. Believe me when I tell you that these bundles are very expensive when compered to that other network providers.

Monthly Etisalat data plans

As the name implies, they are valid for 30 days and are auto-renewed once the expiry date is reached and you have just enough balance to buy your former subscription.

₦500 for 500MB

Can you imagine that this data plan is valid for 30 days?
Yes, it is and in my own understanding, it is meant to server light internet users because I don't think this will be enough for even an average user with all the data sucking social networks around most especially snap-chat and Instagram.

Dial *229*2*12#

1000 for 1GB

Some of you might be surprised because with this amount, you can get better data bundle on other networks. But considering the fact that you might be in an area where their service is better, some of you might prefer doing this than going for huge offers from other providers and not being able to to use 100MB till month end LOL.
Just like the one I mentioned above, this also has a validity period of 1 month and to subscribe for this, just dial the below code.
Dial *229*2*7#

1200 for 1.5GB

Yeah, this is what you get with your 1200 Naira, just 1.5GB. This is less than what you get for 1000NGN from some other networks. 
Are you still interested in subscribing for this etisalat data bundle?

Dial *229*2*25#

2000 for 2.5GB

Can you imagine what they are giving us for 2k?
Just 2.5GB. To be sincere, these people need deliverance. With globacom, you can buy 2GB for 1k and use the other 1k to buy chicken or go to Mr. Biggs and chop rice LOL.
To subscribe for this plan, use the below subscription code;

Dial *229*2*8#

2500 for 3.5GB

Well, so far, this is one of the most reasonable plans I have on this list. Though I am not saying it's a very good one, but it's manageable. The code is below;


3500 for 5GB

I was tempted to still talk about globacom in this section but I realized it won't be fair for 9mobile because this post is based on etisalat bundle plans and not GLO data plans.
Though I don't have a lot to say about this, but I am assuring you that with 1k less than this amount, you will get 7GB from the largest data network in Nigeria (GLO).
The subscription code is written below;


8000 for 11.5GB

Some people might call it expensive, some might call it stealing, but as for me, I consider this cyber armed robbery. Why on earth will I pay this huge amount to get such little value? With this 8k, I can buy 2 full chickens, one 5 alive, and flex with the remaining, The 9mobile (etisalat) is expecting me  to give them all this money for one useless thing that I can use in just 2 days.
I cannot come and go and die because of etisalat. I have written the subscription code below.

Etisalat Nigeria data plans

Weekly Etisalat data bundles

₦150 for 200MB

This has a validity period of 7 days (one week). It is considered the best when you just need to check or upload something online because if you decide to use it for social networks such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc, I guess it wouldn't last you a day.

Dial *229*2*10#

Evening & Weekend (monthly) Plan

These plans are valid for 1 month, but work only within 7pm to 7am on week days and throughout the weekends. They are divided into two categories which are.

  1. ₦1000 for 2GB dial to subscribe to this bundle
  1. ₦2000 for 5GB dial *229*3*13# to subscribe to this bundle

9mobile daily data plan

Under this category, I will just give you a list of all the daily bundles.
  • For 10MB at ₦50 dial *229*3*8#
  • For 40MB at ₦50 dial *229*3*1#
  • For 1GB (12am to 5am) at ₦50 dial *229*3*11#

Etisalat smartpak bundles

The smartpak bundles enable a user chat on social networks and stream videos. It is divided into four categories which are social me pak, video pak, special smart pak, chat pak. This data plans give you either hourly, daily or weekly validity depending on the one you subscribed for.

Social Me Pak

This subscription gives you access to the most popular social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat and BBM, Eskimi.
  1. Daily plan priced at ₦100. Dial *343*6*7# to subscribe to this plan
  2. Weekly plan priced at ₦300. Dial *343*6*8# to subscribe to this plan
  3. Monthly plan priced at ₦700 . Dial *343*6*9# to subscribe to this plan

Etisalat Chat Pak

This plan gives you access to just three apps which are BBM, WeChat and WhatsApp.
  1. ₦50 Valid for one day. Dial *343*5*5# to subscribe to this plan
  2. ₦150 Valid for a week. Dial *343*5*6# to subscribe to this plan
  3. ₦400 Valid for one month. Dial *343*5*7# to subscribe to this plan

9mobile Video Pak

The video pak is valid for just 2-hours of usage. It expires once you reach 2-hours of streaming. This plan costs ₦400 and you can subscribe to it by dialing *229*3*5#

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