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Are you still wondering how to transfer credit on MTN ? You have to the right place because this post talk about  how to transfer MTN cred...

How to Transfer Credit on MTN Easily [2018]

Are you still wondering how to transfer credit on MTN?
You have to the right place because this post talk about how to transfer MTN credit using the MTN transfer code.
how to transfer credit on MTN

I will first of all start by explaining how you can set this service (share and sell) up then I will move down to how you can easily send airtime to other MTN customers.
Dial *600*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#

What is MTN Share and Sell

This is a service which MTN introduce so as to enable is customers transfer credit from their mobile phone to other MTN subscribers. Note that you can only send to another MTN number and not to other service providers.
The minimum amount which you can send at a time is N50 while the maximum is N5,000. Though the maximum you can sell daily is N10,000 but you can't send this amount at once.
To ensure that no one can use your phone to perform this transaction, they decided to introduce the transfer pin and the default pin of every SIM card which is 0000 cannot be used to send money unless you change it.

How to Transfer Credit on MTN using Share and Sell

How to Transfer MTN Credit

Below are the step by step procedures on how to transfer credit on MTN. But first of all, you will need to change your default pin to a new one and below is how you can do it.
  • Send a message conveying your default pin (0000), new pin, new pin to 777. For example 0000 1998 1998 to 777.
After successfully doing the above, you are now ready to start sending credit and here are the ways in which you can do this.
  • Send a message like this. 'Transfer , Recipient’s Number, Amount and PIN' to 777. for example 'Transfer 0814******8 200 1998'.
  • After doing the above, a confirmation message will be sent to you. Just the reply the message with 'Yes' is you wish to complete the transfer. else, just ignore or reply with 'No'.
  • The second method of doing this is by dialing *600*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#.
Note that you will charged for using this Mtn credit transfer code. This fee depends on the amount you are sending and below is the breakdown.
  • N50 - N100 = N3
  • N101 - N500 = N5
  • N501 - N1000 = N10
  • N1001 - N5000 = N10
Make sure you never share your pin with anyone so as to prevent your airtime from being stolen.
Hopefully by now, I hope you understand how to transfer credit on MTN.
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