GLO Tariff Plans: Cheap call rates and data bundles

A full list of GLO tariff plans, the benefits you get and how to migrate to any of them.

Glo tariff plan
Cheap and Affordable GLO tariff Plans

There are many GLO tariff plans which you can easily migrate to because of the benefits you get from them.
Some people are looking for a tariff plan which enables them to call at a very cheap rate. While some, are looking for a package which enables them to browse the internet at a cheap rate. I will give you a list of GLO packages which you can choose from.

List of GLO Tariff Plans

Here is the list of GLO tariff plans:
  • GLO 4X tariff plan
  • GLO Infinito
  • GLO Bounce 
  • GLO G-BAM tariff plan
  • GLO Bumpa tariff plan
  • GLO Free Tomorrow.
How to Check your GLO Tariff Plan
To check your GLO tariff plan, just dia #100# and a popup will appear showing your present tariff plan.

GLO Tariff Plans, Benefits and Migration Codes Breakdown

GLO 4x Tariff Plan

The GLO 4x tariff plan gives 4 times recharge value for every recharge starting from 100 Naira and above to new and existing prepaid customers.
You get to call at a flat rate of 45k/sec to all networks and browse at a rate of 3 Naira per MB.
Your recharge bonus cannot be used to purchase any data or call package from GLO.

How to migrate to GLO 4x

This plan uses a recharge code instead of the regular migration code.
Simply dial *323*recharge pin# to get 4 times your recharge.

GLO Infinito Tariff Plan

With the GLO infinito tariff plan, you get to call all networks at a flat rate of 22k/sec and you are able to choose 10 GLO numbers from your contacts to add to your family and friends list so that you can call them at 11k/sec.
To add a number to your family and friends list, simply dial *101*1*mobile number#.

How to migrate to GLO infinito

To migrate to this plan, dial *100*9*2#.

GLO Bounce Tariff Plan

The GLO bounce tariff plan is the cheapest so far. This package enables you to call other bounce subscribers at the rate of 3k/sec.
You get to make voice calls at a flat rate of 10k/sec to all networks and 5k/sec to all networks while in campus. You also get to pay 3 Naira per SMS to all networks.

Other benefits of GLO Bounce tariff plan

  • 30MB free on every recharge above 200 Naira
  • Send one SMS and get one free
  • Free facebook surfing
  • Free caller tunes for one month
  • Free night call starting from 12am-5am after using at least 30 Naira before Midnight.

How to migrate to GLO Bounce tariff plan

To migrate to GLO Bounce, just Dial *170*4#.

GLO G-BAM Tariff Plan

The GLO G-BAM plan has a daily access fee of 5 Naira but gives you 5MB data for browsing which is valid for 24h hours.
As for the G-BAM call rate, they have a flat call rate of 15kb/sec to all networks. You are able to call five(5) special numbers at the rate of 10kb/sec.

How to migrate to GLO G-BAM tariff plan

To migrate to this awesome plan, just dial *100*5*1#.

How to Register Special Numbers on G-BAM Tariff Plan

You can add up to 5 Numbers to your list of special numbers and to do this, simply dial *101*1*MSISDN#.
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GLO Bumpa Tariff Plan

The GLO bumpa tariff plan gives you 200% bonus on every recharge you make of 100 Naira and above and this plan has a call rate of 50k/sec.
There is no daily access fee attached to this tariff plan.

How to migrate to GLO bumpa tariff plan

To migrate to GLO bumpa, dial *100*10*1#.

GLO Free Tomorrow Tariff Plan

The GLO Free tomorrow gives you double your usage the following day. For example, if you use 200 Naira today, you will get 400 Naira bonus tomorrow.
This plan has no daily charges and a flat call rate of 28k/sec to all networks and 56k/sec on your bonus credit. The free tomorrow bonus credit expires on 12:00am the following day.

How to migrate to GLO free tomorrow

You can migrate to this plan by dialing *600#.

How to opt out of GLO free tomorrow

To opt-out of this plan, just dial *301#.

How to check free tomorrow bonus balance

To check your free tomorrow bonus balance, dial #122# or #122*8#.


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