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Make money blogging in Nigeria Are you a Nigerian blogger and have been wondering   how to make money blogging ? There are so many...

make money blogging in Nigeria

Earn from your blog in Nigeria

Make money blogging in Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian blogger and have been wondering how to make money blogging?
There are so many ways which a person can make money blogging, but the problem is that not all these methods work for all bloggers especially Nigerian bloggers.
Most Nigerian blogs are not able to make their authors money because of some limitations.
Take for example,
Paypal does not allow Nigerians to receive or send money. I don't know why, but this has really affected the bloggers because most of the Affiliate networks, ad networks, and others pay their publishers via Paypal. 
So today, I will give you various ways which you can earn from your blog without stress.

Ad Placement


Placing ads on your blog is the easiest way to make money.
When it comes to ad placement, you will have to decide which type of ads to place. Are you going for CPM(cost per mile), CPC(cost per click), or CPA(cost per action) ads?


You get paid for impressions(views) on the ads. Your earning is calculated per mile(1000 impressions) and some ad networks pay up to $1 per mile. 
CPM ads work better for blogs with very high traffic.


These ads pay you per click. Some of the best ad networks that offer CPC ads are;
For CPA ads, you get paid per Action. For example, if a visitor clicks on the ads and provides the information needed/survey by the advertiser. You can get up to $20 CPA.
The best CPA ad network is RevenueHits.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn because they pay you a certain percentage of the price of the product sold.
You can place affiliate links/banners on your blog/site after having your publisher application approved by the company.
some of the top affiliate networks I will recommend for Nigerian Bloggers are

Are you a good writer and wish to make money with your writing skills?
This is a good way for you to make cool money because you will be the one to decide the amount you will sell the e-book.
Blogs like Shoutmeloud, Problogger, and infoguideafrica make a handsome amount of money selling their well-written e-books to visitors. You too can do the same, and in case you think you don't have the skills to write one, you can hire someone to help you write an e-book. Believe me, you will make lots of money with it if you advertise it to your blog visitors.
I know of many Nigerian bloggers who have made a lot of money by selling Ebooks.

Sponsored Posts

sponsored post

This is a good way to monetize your blog. Unlike Affiliate networks that pay you to sell their product on your blog, this enables you to earn by posting sponsored content.
A company or organization can contact you to post either a review or recommendation of their product, service or business on your blog and you will be the one to decide how much you wish to be paid.
Presently, the Nigerian ad network where you can get sponsored posts is Adblabla

Getting Referrals


For those that are registered with a company that supports referrals, your blog can help you increase your referrals. For example, companies like Payoneer pay you $25 each time you refer a new member. So, you can write a good blog post on Payoneer and place your referral link in it. Everytime someone registers through your link, you will be given $25.
Some ad networks that pay for referrals are
some Nigerian Ad networks like Advert Alternatives and Adquet also pay for referrals


You can add a "Hire Us" page to your blog to enable a user to hire you for a particular service you render. I know of a pro Nigerian blogger who makes a good amount of money through this.
Assuming your blog is based on WordPress tutorials and you are a pro-WordPress programmer, you can add a "Hire Us" and each time a visitor has any problem, he can hire you to solve them for him.

Though blogging is a profitable job, making money blogging is not as easy as some people say it is. Your earning depends on your hard work and perseverance. Some people start blogging and after 6months into it without earning money, they simply quit. Well, I don't blame them for that. But earning with a blog is a gradual process. It takes some people up to a year to start making a reasonable amount of money.
Are you finding it hard to earn a reasonable amount of money with your blog?
I will like to hear your comments below.