Diamond Bank Mobile App For Easy Transfer

Diamond bank mobile app
Diamond Bank Mobile App For Easy Transfer

Diamond Bank Mobile App for Easy Transactions

Are you yet to get the diamond bank mobile app or you just don't know where to download it from?
If you don't have the diamond bank mobile app, you are missing a lot because bank transactions are now easier and faster.
The diamond bank mobile app was created to make bank transactions easier for its customers.
Through the past years, there has been an advancement in the internet banking system and so, banks like diamond bank have decided to create a mobile app for their customers so as to make transactions easy, without a need to go to a bank branch.
I will write some of the advantages of the Diamond bank mobile app and later provide you a link so that you could easily download it.

Advantages of Diamond Bank Mobile App Money transfer

With the Diamond bank mobile app, you can easily transfer money to Diamond bank accounts and other banks too.
This is an easy way to transfer funds because all you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection instead of going to a Diamond bank branch.
Mind you, there is a limit to the amount which you can send on a daily basis.

Fast Mobile recharge

You can easily recharge your mobile numbers or any other mobile number with the diamond bank mobile app.
Whether you are using a prepaid or postpaid service.

Check Account balance

Back then, to check your account balance, you have to go to the nearest ATM machine closest to you. But things have changed because the Diamond bank mobile app enables you do this.You can easily check your account balance by simply opening the diamond bank mobile app and click on "check Account balance".

Payment of bills

Have you been wondering if there is a way which you can easily pay your electricity bill, water bill or satellite subscription bill?
With the Diamond bank mobile app, you can easily do so. All you need to do is indicate the type of bill you want to settle and they will direct you on how to go about it in simple steps.

Booking flight ticket

You can easily book for a flight ticket with the diamond bank mobile app.

Diamond Bank Customer care service

The diamond bank mobile app has a 24hours online support for all your questions and problems regarding your bank account.
They reply their customers as fast as they can so as to satisfy us.

How to Download Diamond Bank Mobile app

The diamond bank mobile app is available on the android, blackberry and IOS platform.
To download the diamond bank mobile app for android devices, click here.
For blackberry users, click here and for IOS users, click here.

How to Register in Diamond bank mobile app

After downloading the Diamond bank mobile app, you will have to register before you can perform any transaction with it.
  • Open the Diamond bank mobile app and click on register
  • Accept their terms and conditions
  • You will be directed to type in your Diamond bank online user ID or The 16 digit number on your ATM card
  • Enter your Diamond bank account number and click on the submit button
  • A confirmation code will be sent to you via SMS
  • Copy the confirmation code and provide it to them in the next registration page and click submit
  • You will be required to create a password(make sure the password is more than 5 characters and includes at least a number and symbol)
  • Choose a 4digit pin and confirm.
  • The Diamond bank mobile application will automatically log you out and you will be required to log into the app again.
Note: Make sure you don't give anyone your pin or password so that he/she don't get access to your bank account.
We will like to read from your comments below what you think about the Diamond bank mobile app.


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