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Today, I bring to you the  code to check BVN  number with your mobile phone easily. But before we go further, there are some things whi...

Code to check BVN number with your mobile phone [Updated]

Today, I bring to you the code to check BVN number with your mobile phone easily. But before we go further, there are some things which I think you should know about it before I proceed to giving you the code.
Code to Check BVN

What is a Bank Verification Number

This is a bio-metric identification system introduced by the central bank of Nigeria to reduce illegal banking and diversion of public funds. It has 11 digits and this serves as your universal ID in all banks or financial institutions locally.
It is used to link all your accounts so that all your transactions can be monitored.

Code to Check BVN Number on Your Mobile phone

BVN Code

The code used for checking BVN number is below.
  Dial *565*0#
All you need to do is just dial it on the phone using the SIM registered to your account. Note that you will be charged 20 Naira each time you use this code. I will advice you to try as much as you can to find a safe place to write your BVN code down if you want to avoid paying this amount many times. But if you think you don't have any safe place to write it down, I will advice you to stick to this code for checking BVN because if you keep it carelessly, it can be used by fraudsters (yahoo boys).

How to register for a Bank verification number

Well, this is very easy. All you need to do will be listed below and hopefully, if you follow the steps, you will be able to acquire your own 11-digits identification number.
First of all, there are some documents which you will have to make ready before we go to the procedure. These are;
  • National identity card, international passport or a permanent voters card
  • Two passport photographs
After getting the above ready, you are now ready to go to the next step.
  • Visit your local branch to get a BVN enrollment form
  • Fill the form (in uppercase) and submit it
  • Now, your face photograph will be captured and also, your fingerprint
  • Once you have completed the steps above successfully, your Bank Verification code will be given to you.
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How to Check BVN on GTbank

Are you a GTbank customer and you are looking for an easy way to check your BVN number?
Well, I have a good news for you. The code which I gave you above works for not only GTbank, but all Nigerian banks.
It is a good idea that, with the use of just one USSD code, you can check your BVN number regardless your bank.

How to Change BVN Date of Birth and Name

Did you make a mistake while filling the form given to you while writing down your date of birth or Name? or did you get married and decided to change your surname?
Well, don't panic because there is a solution to your problem. All you have to do is present the below papers depending on the kind of mistake you made but first, you will have to visit your bank branch.
For date of birth, you will have to produce your original birth certificate so that they can verify your age.
What if you made a mistake in writing your name? you can also correct this problem by producing a voters card, national identity card or international passport of yours so that they could verify your name.
But what if you go married and decided to change your surname? well, this is simple and all you have to do is provide them with your marriage certificate and they will update your name for you in their database.
Make sure you link all your accounts with the-same number so as to prevent them from getting blocked.
Nowadays, we get some messages on our mobile devices saying our BVN has been deactivated. Please Don't ever reply those messages or call the phone numbers because they are fraudsters. They can use it to hack into your account and steal your precious money. This is Nigeria for you (Please, stay safe).
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