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Cheap GLO Data plans and subscription   USSD Codes This post brings you the cheapest GLO data plans and subscription codes for Android,...

GLO data plan: All subscription codes for Android and other Devices

Cheap GLO Data plans and subscription USSD Codes

This post brings you the cheapest GLO data plans and subscription codes for Android, Blackberry, and IOS and Iphones

glo data plan
Cheap GLO data plan subscription codes

Daily, Monthly, and Mega Data plans USSD codes are written below.
There has been a growing competition among network service providers to provide cheap and affordable data plans to their subscribers so as to get more customers.
A few years back, accessing the internet was very expensive in Nigeria. But GLO changed everything by offering cheap data plans to their subscribers and ever since, MTN, AIRTEL, and Etisalat (now 9mobile) have been competing and it is becoming cheaper than ever before.
In this post, I will bring to you cheap and affordable data plans from all the network service providers in Nigeria.
First of all, I will like to start by saying despite the fact that MTN is the largest network provider in Nigeria. GLO is the largest data provider for Nigerians because they have amazingly cheap data plans. So, people often prefer buying from GLO. But one major setback is that the GLO service across so many areas in Nigeria is bad, but we thank God, they are gradually improving.

Cheap GLO data plan offers

GLO is the most preferred data provider in Nigeria because of a reason. Their Data plan subscription is cheap and they have introduced many offers for old, new, and renewal customers.
GLO also introduced the Campus booster which doubles your data every time you use it on the campus. This has helped thousands of students access the internet at cheap rates.

Affordable GLO Daily/Weekly Data Plans

cheap data plans
Daily and weekly data plans

Validity period
Subscription Code
1 Day
5 Days
10 Days
1 Day

·         90MB for N100 Valid for 1 Day. Dial *777*1*1*1*1#
·         250MB for N200 Valid for 5 Days. Dial *777*1*1*1*2#
·         2GB for N500 Valid for 10 Days. Dial *777*1*1*1*3#       
·         40MB for N50 Valid for 1 Day. Dial *777*1*1*1*4#

Cheap GLO Monthly DATA PLANS
The following GLO monthly data subscriptions are for new customers and if you are renewing your data.
·         4GB for N1000 Valid for 30 Days. Dial *777*1*1*2*1#
·         9.5GB for N2000 Valid for 30 Days. Dial *777*1*1*2*2#
·         12.5GB for N2500 Valid for 30 Days. Dial *777*1*1*2*3#
Validity period
Subscription Code
30 Days
30 Days
30 Days

GLO Campus Booster Cheap Data Plan Offers

glo data plan
Glo campus booster

  • N100= 100MB+125MB on Campus+N100Airtime+25MB to Gift Valid for 2 Days.
  • N200= 200MB+255MB on Campus+N200Airtime+50MB to Gift Valid for 4 Days.
  • N500= 500MB+625MB on Campus+N500Airtime+125MB to Gift Valid for 7 Days.
  • N1000= 1GB+1.25GB on Campus+N1000Airtime+250MB to Gift Valid for 15 Days.
  • N2000= 2GB+2.5GB on Campus+N200Airtime Valid for 30 Days.
  • N5000= 5GBB+5.25GB on Campus+N5000Airtime+125GB Data to Gift Valid for 2 Days.

  • Note:
The general USSD CODE for subscribing to any GLO Data plan is *777#. To check your data balance, Send a Message “ info to 127”.

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