Airtel Night Browsing Plan Subscription Code

Airtel night browsing data plan for download. Subscription code, and how to check it's balance.

airtel night plan
Airtel Night Browsing Plan and Subscription Code

The Airtel night browsing plan is a new service which Airtel has introduced so as to enable their subscribers to surf the internet at a cheap price.
You might be wondering why someone will subscribe to browse in the night mean while it's a time for him/her to sleep. Well, this plan is suitable for those who will like to download heavy files from the internet without spending much.

Advantages of Airtel Night Plan:

Anything you could ever think of has its advantages and disadvantages. So, let's go straight to the advantages:

  • Huge data offer
  • Cheap
  • Unused data is re-usable the following day.

Disadvantages of Airtel Night plan:

  • The night is a time for someone to sleep, so you end up using the night to browse instead of sleeping
  • You can only subscribe to it once in a 24 hours period
  • Your credit is used to continue browsing after exhausting your night plan.

Eligibility to Subscribe 

To be able to subscribe to the Airtel night browsing plan, you must be in the Smart trybe plan.

How to migrate to Airtel Smart trybe

Sine only this plan allows you to subscribe to the Night bundle, you will have to migrate.
To migrate to Airtel smart trybe, dial *312#.

How to subscribe to Airtel night browsing plan

The Airtel  Night browsing plan has been categorized into two, namely;

  • Airtel 1.5GB for 200 Naira
  • Airtel 500MB for 25 Naira.
Airtel 1.5GB Night plan:
Price: 200 Naira
Validity: 1 Day
Data: 1.5GB.
Used to be known as the Airtel 50 Naira night plan.
Before, this plan cost just 50 Naira but Airtel decided to increase the price to 200 Naira I don't know why, but I think it's not cool.
To subscribe to this plan, Dial *312#. Then, type 3 (Airtel Night Plan), after which you will need to choose 2 for Airtel 1.5GB.
Airtel 500MB Night plan:
Price: 25 Naira
Data: 500MB
Validity: 1 Day.
This plan gives you 500MB for just 25 Naira.
To subscribe to this plan, dial *312#, then send 3 and choose 1 for the 500MB plan.

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How to Renew Airtel Night Plan

Unfortunately, you cannot renew this plan. You can only subscribe to it once in a 24 hours period.

Airtel Night Plan Balance Check

  • Go to settings
  • click on data usage
  • Set the date your subscription was done. This will display only the data used on that day
  • Set a data limit so as not to end up using your airtime to browse after your Airtel data plan has finished.
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