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Backlinks are very important to a blogger when it comes to his blog ranking on search engine. For the past years, we have learnt that se...

4 Easy ways to Create High Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

Backlinks are very important to a blogger when it comes to his blog ranking on search engine.
For the past years, we have learnt that search engines like google and Bing use backlinks to calculate the quality of a blog post.
Create High Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

There are two types of backlinks which are;
1. No follow Backlinks
2. Do follow backlinks.

No Follow Backlinks:

These are backlinks in which the search engine is being told not to index.
This kind of backlink is useless to SEO.

Do Follow Backlink:

These backlinks are indexed by the search engine and it is very important for SEO.
Search engines like google calculate the relevance of your blog content by the number and quality of your Do follow backlinks.
The most important backlinks to a blogger are Do Follow backlinks
When it comes to backlinks, it is better to have a quality do follow backlink than have millions of no follow backlink.
Social networks like facebook, twitter and pinterest offer no follow backlinks while tumblr and squdoo give a do follow backlink.

Here are the easy ways you can get quality Do Follow backlinks:

Blog Commenting:

You can get high quality backlinks by commenting on other blogs related to your niche.
Before commenting on some blogs, you will have to write your Name, E-mail Address and website address.
You can also write your blog url in the comment box by inserting the link in an anchor tag.

Writing Guest Posts:

You can write a well structured and informative guest post for blogs related to your niche and add your link below it.
You can submit gust posts to Some blogs for free while some demand for money.

Creating and getting backlinks from Tumblr Blogs:

Tumblr is a social network blogging platform where you can create your blog for free and start posting.
Tumblr links are always Do follow links. You can create a tumblr blog and get a high Page Authority easily.
You can also buy high Page Authority expired tumblr links and create a Powerful backlink from it.
The main advantage of this method is that you can buy expired tumblr blogs and create your own web2.0 Private Blog Network(PBN) for high quality backlinks.

Buying Backlinks:

You can easily hire someone to build high quality backlinks for you for as low as $5 on fiverr.
This way is often the best way to build high qualiity backlinks to your blog because the people who render these services are often professionals and often own high Authority blogs which they will use to send you backlinks.


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