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ADQUET PUBLISHER NETWORK FULL REVIEW The dream of every blogger is to earn with his blog and Ad placement is a good way to earn. ...

Adquet Publisher Ad Network Review-SCAM Update


Adquet Review

The dream of every blogger is to earn with his blog and Ad placement is a good way to earn.
There are so many ad networks for publishers and some of the best are Adsense and some other Alternatives to adsense like, Revcontent,, chitika.
Adquet, is a Nigerian ad network and they offer CPC and CPM ads to their publishers.
You can earn with Adquet by signing up and placing their ad code on your site/blog.
You might be wondering why i did not add their link since. The reason is because Adquet is a total scam.

In this review, i will give you great reasons why i said Adquet is a Scam using my personal experience with the ad network.
After signing up for Adquet Publisher network account, I registered my second blog so that i could earn with it and adquet approved the blog.
Adquet review

Adquet gave me a go ahead to place their ad code on my blog so that i could start earning immediately.
After placing the Ad code, my earning started rising from #0 to #300 in less than an hour because of my high traffic.
Before i knew it, my earning rose high very quickly and when Adquet noticed i was close to their payment threshold of #3000, they blocked my account.
Adquet account blocked

Ad networks like Adquet are out there always looking for ways to lure you into advertising for them and they end up blocking you when you reach the minimum payout threshold.
I tried contacting their support and asking them why they blocked my account but they never responded.
My fellow Nigerian bloggers, why do local ad networks keep scamming us and going scot free? Enough is enough and its time we start writing Reviews on them so as to help our fellow bloggers from falling into the hands of these scammers.
I don't want my fellow bloggers to experience what i did experience that was why i wrote thing review on Adquet.


Have you ever been scammed by an ad network?
Is your ad network not paying you well?
Lets talk about it here and learn how we can solve our problems.
Kindly Comment.

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