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MTN Transfer Code: How to transfer Airtime using MTN share and Sell

MTN Transfer Code for  Airtime Share 'N' Sell

In this post, you will get to knw the MTN transfer code which you can use for airtime share and sell.
MTN transfer code

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to make a call but don't have enough credit to do so, and there is someone willing to send you credit but you don't know how it is done?
Well, MTN like all the other networks have support for airtime share 'N' sell which enables us transfer airtime to other MTN subscribers easily without stress.
You might be wondering how this is done, but i am pleased to tell you that this post will provide you with all the information you need to know about this service .
Before you can transfer airtime to anyone using the MTN transfer code, you will have to get a transfer pin, and this can be done by changing the default pin to a new one for better security.

How to get MTN transfer pin

Since it's a must for you to change the default pin, you have no choice but to do so and you can get a new pin by;
  • Sending an SMS containing "Default pin, new pinconfirm new pin" to "777".
  • You can also create a pin by dialing *600*default pin*new pin*confirm new pin#
  • An SMS will be sent to you shortly confirming that you have created your transfer pin successfully.
You can also use the above method to change your old pin. Just replace the default pin with your old one.
After doing the above, you are now ready to use the MTN transfer code to share 'N' sell airtime.

How to transfer Airtime (credit) using MTN Transfer code

There are two methods which you can do this and each method is explained below;
  • You can transfer airtime through SMS by sending "Transfer, recipients number, airtime amount, transfer pin" to 777.
  • You can also send credit through ussd code by dialing *600*recipients number*amount*transfer pin#.
  • After doing the above, an sms will be sent to you so as to confirm the transaction. Simply reply "yes" to confirm and complete the share 'N' sell.
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A transfer fee will be deducted from your airtime and the amount deducted depends on the amount you sent. A notification of the transfer fee will be sent to you together with the transaction successful message.



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