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Saturday, 2 December 2017

How to Create A Micro Niche Blog and Earn $1000 Monthly

How to create a micro niche blog and earn $2000 monthly.

Earn with Micro niche blog

Blogging is one of the most popular and tricky ways to make money online.
Why did i say tricky?
This is because making money blogging is not as easy as you think.
Traffic and subscribers are the keys. But what if you don't know how to utilize these resources?
Some people started blogging and posting just about everything they can and spending a lot of money with the aim of making money but ended up making nothing. Mean While some people created a small micro niche blog and earned thousands of dollars from it yearly.

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What is Niche?

This is the main topic or category which your blog posts belong to.
You can create a micro niche blog which is a small niche and make $2000 monthly.
Q1. But how can you make this amount of money with a micro niche blog when there are so many big bloggers out there with a blog where they post so many things and get less than $500 monthly?
A1. Well, it is easier to make money with a micro niche blog than it is to make with other broad niches and your earning depends on your strategy.
Q2. Why is it easier to make money with a micro niche blog than it is to make with other broad niches?
A2. With a micro niche blog, you already know what your visitors are looking for and so, if you render a service or sell any product, there is a higher chance of you selling it compared to that of a broad niche.
For example:
If you created a WordPress blog template and Wish to sell it, which blog do you think will sell more templates if you have a blog which you upload music, upload movies, at the same time Give Wordpress tutorials and a micro niche blog which is all about WordPress customization?
Q3. What micro niche should I choose?
A3. This depends on what micro niche you have more knowledge on. The main secret of a successful blog is quality content and you can't write quality content if you don't have enough knowledge of what you are writing.
Q4. How long will it take before I can start earning with my micro niche blog?
A4. After creating your blog, there are some basic things you need to do before you can start earning.
Things like:
Customise your blog for Search Engine,
Buy a top level, domain(.com, .net, .org, .ng, etc.),
Write sufficient content(write at least 15 well-written posts).
After doing all these, your blog is now ready to start making you some money.
It may take you up to 6months before you can start making a good amount of money with your micro niche blog and for a broad niche blog, it may take you up to a year.
Q5. How much is the highest I can earn with a micro niche blog?
A5. There is no limit to how much you can earn with a micro niche blog.

Advantages of a Micro Niche Blog:

1. Target blog traffic
2. Easier to Rank in Search Engine
3. Less Expensive to Manage
4. Higher chances of getting approved by top ad networks like Google Adsense, Revcontent etc.
5. Easier to capture a visitor and convert into a subscriber.
6. It is easier to sell affiliate products when dealing with a target audience.
Now, let's go to How You can create a micro niche blog that will earn you $1000 monthly.
First of all, which micro niche do you want to start writing about?
I will advise you to go for what you have passion and knowledge on.
Then you can go ahead to decide on which blogging platform you will like to create your blog.
The two most popular platforms are;

After the blog has been created, there will be a need for you to customize your blog.
Always try to give your blog a professional look. Give it a simple professional design and make it very easy for your visitors to navigate.
After doing the above, submit your blog URL to search engines and your sitemap too. Make sure you have a very good keyword rich blog description and title.

How To Earn With a Micro Niche Blog:

With a micro niche blog, there are so many ways which you can earn thousands of dollars monthly.
  • Advert Placement
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling of E-books
  • Rendering of services
  • Using your blog to get referrals.

Advertising Placement:

This is the easiest and most popular way to earn with your blog.
This method has to with advertising for others on your blog.
How can you place ads on your blog?
You can place adverts on your blog by signing up with an ad network as a publisher and placing their ad code on your blog.
There are so many types of ads which include;
Banner Ads
Popup Ads
Some of the best ad networks for publishers are:

Affiliate marketing:

This is the highest paying way to earn with your micro-niche blog.
This method has to do with advertising products on your blog for online markets and each time a successful sale is done using your affiliate link, you are given a small percentage of the total price of the product.
Some of the best affiliate marketing companies are:
  • Amazon
  • Konga
  • Jumia

Selling of E-books:

You can write an electronic book relevant to your niche and sell it to your blog visitors and subscribers.
The possibility of you selling your ebooks depends on how well your blog visitors like to read your content.
That is the main reason why I always advise bloggers to write rich content for their blog because this will also reduce the bounce rate and increase the number of page views per visitor.

Rendering Of Services:

Assuming you are a Wordpress professional and you have a micro niche blog, you can add a "Hire me" page to your navigation. This will enable your blog visitors to contact you and hire you for a particular service. This is among highest-paying ways you can earn with your micro-niche blog.
Over to you:
Let us talk about what you feel about micro niche blogs and how to earn more with them.

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