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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Top Majour Reasons why most starter blogs fail

Many people go into blogging and find their self stuck in the middle of nowhere with no visitors and no income at all. Because of this, thy end up loosing interest and find their selves quitting blogging.

Majour Reasons why most starter blogs fail

Here are some of the top reasons why most blogs fail;

1. Lack of visitors:

The dream of every blogger is to get millions of visitors to his blog monthly which is not as easy as it sounds.
When i first started, i had little visitors to my blog ranging from 5-10 daily. I was not happy with the results but i had to continue because i had a strong love for blogging and this kept me going.
You can't expect to start a new blog and get upto a thousand visitors daily because you are not a magician. If you get up to 1000 hits daily, then you are a very lucky person. So the biggest secret is patience and consistence.

2. Low income from blogging:

When you start blogging for money, you will be eager to start making thousands of Dollars monthlyn and will be highly disappointed to find your self making a few bucks and this is among the majour reasons most people quit blogging at a very early stage.
A blogger can be getting as much as a million visitors monthly but getting a few dollars from his blog. Whis is this so? this is because making money from your blog looks easy, but truth is that it is very complicated.
I started blogging when i was is Grade 3 but made my first $2 when i was in Grade 6 this was three years later. Not everybody can be this patien

3. Lack of encouragement from visitors:

There are some little things that our visitors do or say that they think is nothing but this has a great impact on the blogger.
A blogger's dream is to interact with his blog readers and this can be archived with the comment box. Some visitors use this to ask questions, some use it to correct the blogger where he is wrong, some use it to say thanks while some use it to distract or discourage the blogger. So, the way the visitors use the comment box is very important.
Visitors comments on my blog keept me going for these years and this is what is still keeping me going.

4. lack of constant access to the internet:

In most African countries, access to the internet is very expensive to afford. Like in Nigeria where so many people live on less than $2-$3 per day, 1.5GB Monthly internet Subscription is sold for $3-$4 per month depending on your network provider. Not everyone can afford this and a blogger needs constant access to the internet in order to update his content and his blog template.
All the above are some of the majour reasons why most blogs fail. The big secret behind a successful blogger is Patience so i urge new bloggers to have patience and put in more effort in order to be successful in the blogging world.
kindly comment the challenges you are facing as a blogger.

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