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Monday, 18 September 2017

10 Common mistakes made by beginner bloggers

Blogging is a thing of passion and dedication. Most people start blogging with the aim of making money, but i don't blame them, because they see so many people making thousands of dollars blogging.
Some people just design a blog and start posting without knowing the basic rules of blogging. They think owning a blog makes you a blogger but they are wrong, my brother/sister, you are just a common blog owner.
Bloggers are always looking for new ways to satisfy their audience, bring new ideas, helping their audience solve their problems etc.
Some common mistakes made by beginner bloggers are listed below
1. Irregular posting of content
2. Paying for blog traffic
3. Overcrowding of adverts on blog
4. Non user friendly and easy to navigate Blog template
5. Use of sub domain(eg. Kibdo.blogspot.com instead of kibdo.com.ng)
6. Slow Complex blog template with loads of javascript
7. Trying to write about almost everything that comes to your head instead of finding a niche. This is the major cause of low search engine ranking
8. Getting a photo from any search engine or website and using it in your blog posts.
9. Failure to submit website to search engine as quick as possible.
10. Failure to acquire knowledge in programming.
These are some of the 10 common mistakes made by beginner bloggers at the start of their blogging journey Which you should avoid in order to become successful
Common mistakes made by beginner bloggers

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